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Our experience is to produce a quality project on time and resources. Our knowledge, along with clear communication, management45645

Maintenance Contracts
Maintenance Contracts

The professional analyses to ensure that no unlawful or unconfirmed revisions have been produced during the installation and that area changes have been properly made. 


Fire prevention at a commercial or industrial structures consists of much more than a few sprinkler fixtures.


The essential portions of a fit-out work are the accurate installation and maintenance of Fire and Safety Services.


Prime Phoenix is notably powerful in preventing the chances of smoke & fire disseminating throughout a building


In common custom, the flame safeguard contractor makes the layout drawings, which are to be presented for endorsement based on the suggested specifications


About us

Prime Phoenix Firefighting Installation LLC is a leading fire Safety & Protection company in Middle East handling total fire safety solutions. We have highly expert Engineers, Technical staff and Administrative staff to meet the necessities of our esteemed customers. To manage this high level of talent and experience, the company supports a recognized apprenticeship program, provides on-going security and fire protection discipline programs for field and technical staff, and persists a leader in meeting changing industry standards. We challenge our employees to continue training and education and to pursue UAE Civil Defence certifications. We provide great service to our clients with genuine equipment and accomplish the job as per the client's satisfaction and requirements of CIVIL DEFENCE AUTHORITY in time, without any obstacles.

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Quality Policy

PRIME PHOENIX FIRE FIGHTING INSTALLATION LLC is committed to the health, safety and well-being of its employees, clients, subcontractors and all others that may be impacted by its operations. PRIME PHOENIX is also committed to the protection and improvement of the environment in which it operates. PRIME PHOENIX FIRE FIGHTING INSTALLATION LLC will conduct all its work in accordance with the statutory or national requirements of the United Arab Emirates. PRIME PHOENIX FIRE FIGHTING INSTALLATION LLC recognizes that good health, safety and environmental performance is supreme and, consequently, will present all required funding to bring out its actions to assure that all hazards are reduced. It will achieve this by:

Trained Employees

Our engineers and technicians are the highly specialized wing with minimum 10 years experience in fire & safety field. Training employees in fire safety work practices will provide once in a month to get the innovative way to keep a uniqueness of our services, among other departments and we will ensure that knowledge is regularly updated.

Eliminating Hazards

Eliminating hazards, conditions and situations that give rise to potential accidents. Where this is not practicable then measures will be put in place to reduce these hazards to a manageable level

Health & Safety

Consulting with employees’ representatives on the matter of health and safety on a regular basis and stressing that continuous improvement is the responsibility of management and employees alike


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