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During all this time we stayed true to one and the same principles of Safety.

About Prime Phoenix

Prime Phoenix Firefighting Installation LLC is a leading fire Safety & Protection company in Middle East handling total fire safety solutions . We have highly expert Engineers, Technical staff and Administrative staff to meet the necessities of our esteemed customers. To manage this high level of talent and experience, the company supports a recognized apprenticeship program, provides on-going security and fire protection discipline programs for field and technical staff, and persists a leader in meeting changing industry standards. We challenge our employees to continue training and education and to pursue UAE Civil Defence certifications. We provide great service to our clients with genuine equipment and accomplish the job as per the client's satisfaction and requirements of CIVIL DEFENSE AUTHORITY in time, without any obstacles.

Prime Phoenix Firefighting Installation LLC is able to initiate services in a modular composition, which can be of advantage to contractors, authorities or end users when other services are already within a project. Our sophisticated management and qualified technicians are fully conversant with the advanced standards, outputs and building ordinances applicable to fire alarm & fire fighting protection Systems. Our intention is to deliver to our customers, products and assistance that beat their expectations.

Our Team

1000 Our technicians and staff are among the finest in the industry. Our low employee turnover ensures that your property is in knowledgeable hands.
Field Technicians/Field Specialists /Service Technicians Must Complete rigorous in-house training meeting Technician Level I standards within the first year and Technical Level II within the second year. And all our staffs are approved by civil defence before the come to the field Engineering Technicians (Designers) Are well aware of UAE Life safety codes, NFPA and Standard for fire protection. Fire Alarm Technicians have received factory training from various manufacturers of fire alarm Systems as well as additional certifications. Our technical staff include experienced master and journeyman electricians and degreed electronics personnel.


We are having an emergency 24x 7 call out team. for both fire detection and Fire Protection Systems.
Prime Phoenix Fire Safety Policy is built on deep responsibility and meaningful associations with long-term clients and we are driven to extraordinary service, responsiveness and consideration to detail to meet your unique fire and security obligations. Our intention is to help secure reliable systems and support that give you a peace of mind.

Our Vision

Our vision behind this establishment of this company is to serve our client in an effective manner by providing full safety from fire catastrophe. Our crew assumes the value of what we provide to them and our clients give signatory to our strength, enthusiasm and commitments to improving safety. The security of our unit and our clients is supreme to our progress and the prosperity of the world.

Prime Phoenix Fire Fighting Installation LLC delights depends on our client's satisfaction and accurate result. We only provide the optimum level of service, where we are unable to find it out from other fire safety companies. Our employees know the obligation to endure our services at maximum level without hesitating or distinguishing our client's financial background or their interactions towards us. Our Managing Director is one of the most grateful persons who mainly influences us frequently without not leading our employees to provide low-quality works to our clients.

Our Mission

Prime Phoenix Fire Safety LLC is performed to cautiously implementing relevant fire protection services for our clients worldwide. We provide innovative, strong fire and security systems and services to our clients to preserve their assets and businesses. We will serve with our representatives to explore opportunities for their continued growth and demand the tremendous levels of uprightness in return. We will provide to our communities for their prosperity. Our financial success will be too satisfied clients, employees, and communities.

We honour:

- Hearing to our client's requirements and preferences.
- Strict adherence to the principles of ethics of our expert connections.
- The health & safety of our customers and our representatives.
- The relevant methodological clarifications to battle client goals.
- Description for powerful project accomplishment.
- Endless development in the nature of our services.
- Preserving our environment.
- Continuing training for learned staff growth.
- Long-term solutions for our customers.
- Collaboration and input from all organization crew.


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As an entrepreneur, it was my responsibility to preserve my business establishments as well as my employer's wellness, without putting them into any obstacles. Moreover, my majority business is belonging to chemical industry category. Hence, as a responsible person, the obligation to resist the scope of fire accidents must be taken as the main priority. Therefore, Prime Phoenix was the appropriate fire safety department, where we can hand over the responsibilities of Fire Safety to their hands without any hesitation.

Anna Smith

Initially, I really astonished when I heard about the Prime Phoenix bloodline from the Russian base. In UAE the most of the fire safety companies foreseeing their future only in profit. However, the interaction with Prime Phoenix Managing Director reveals, they only emphasis on their customer's satisfaction. Prime Phoenix also adapted the Russian technology in quality of services, and it went beyond the expectations and satisfaction.

James Wilson