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During all this time we stayed true to one and the same principles of Safety.

We Prime Phoenix Fire Fighting Installation LLC has started our company in 2017 since we did not have any difficulties to run our company until Covid-19 pandemic. Our management top executives have the potential to foresee all kind of outcomes in the global economy and its status by examining existing data from different sources.

The Covid-19 outbreak starts from Dec-2019, our executives were not reluctant to avoid the chances of financial issues will happen due to this coronavirus. As a result, we focused on our existing clients to ensure to provide them with the best services without any complaints. It was hard to handle our AMC sites during the lockdown period. Even though, UAE government supported contracting companies by giving work permit with certain restrictions. Admittedly, it helps us a lot to endure our credibility till now. 

Our management is more concern about our client's safety rather than anything. We know, if we are not taking more care to our AMC sites during the lockdown, it will lead to face chances of fire incidents in our sites. As a result, we guide our approved engineers to have a contact in all sites coordinators to not miss any emergency callouts in 24hours a day. It is our privilege to let this world to know our employees supported us a lot like the pillars of our company. 

We Prime Phoenix Fire Fighting Installation LLC are here to provide services as per our client's expectations by ensuring not to affect any fire-related issues to run their business smoothly.