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During all this time we stayed true to one and the same principles of Safety.

In 2017, MD proclaim to establish a brand new company, where he can get an opportunity to serve people, by resisting them from not to spare their lives in high-temperature so-called Fire. As we all know, recently, there were many tragedies have been occurred related to fire accidents. As a result, we are sacrificing our human souls without taking any fundamental steps to resist fire accidents. Hence, that was the main reason to establish a social supporting company named- Prime Phoenix Fire Fighting Installation LLC, where we can gain more satisfaction than profit.

In 2018, MD's determination came into reality and it spread beyond the expectations in UAE. Particularly, the support of individuals is the ice melting thing, which he faced on the path of the fulfilment of his desire. The excellent support from the UAE government put him in to feel a spiritual experience, where he couldn't felt in other countries. Whereas, one of the spectacular thing that he got in his entire career is highly talented and responsible employees. He quoted '' even a programmed robot cannot accomplish a job accurately like my employees''. Eventually, he elaborated, to bring his company to the topmost position in UAE by breaking all records in the category of quality and safety service provider.