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During all this time we stayed true to one and the same principles of Safety.

We hold our fundamentals and policies at any criteria. To endure those essentials, we certified our organization with appropriate authorities.

We Prime Phoenix Fire Fighting Installation LLC is widely recognized ISO certified company in Quality Managment System, which categorized - ISO 9001:2015(QMS). We believe an emphasis on internal filtering will reflect our company's credibility widely. Our management took prior determinations to stabilize our company fundamentals in a good manner. 

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS) is internationally acknowledged as the world’s heading quality administration standard and has been achieved by over one million companies in over 170 nations globally. ISO 9001 performed, to its full potential, becomes an precious asset to your business.

The purpose of the standard is to support organisations in adhering statutory and regulatory elements associating to their outcome while delivering perfection in their customer assistance and performance. The standard can be used throughout an organisation to enhance the production or within a selective site, plant or division.

As a fire safety company in Dubai, we just looking forward to executing our  operation team responsibilities such as the installation and supply of fire alarm system, fire fighting system, kitchen hood system, FM 200 system, fire extinguisher, sprinkler system and any kind of fire safety company related works we are maintaining our standardization and unique way of executions, which means among other fire safety companies in dubai, our authorities discriminate our company in top-level quality by examined our services in fire safety field.