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During all this time we stayed true to one and the same principles of Safety.

Nowadays, our serving clients are insisting to serve them as per their terms and conditions. As a result, last week we gave more emphasis on this matter in our meetings. We always foresee our company's future and will give more importance on it. Whereas, when we disclosing like this way, everyone would think it negatively and will imagine for getting stability, we will focus on profit instead of providing good services. However, no one will think our capability depends on company's fundamentals, and it will only way to lead our servises for our existing clients in good manner, without let them show any complaints or distractions from our end by ploughing on their ongoing activities. 

In conclusion, we have reached on a general determination that we will categorize our active clients, especially who contracted with us for maintenance services, in a certain manner by emerging a separate force to manage and handle to meet their requirements at any time, as per their conveniences. Moreover, any services associated with documentation or any conditions on certain terms such as in payments, discounts or other related charges, we will give maximum exemptions as per the client prominence.