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During all this time we stayed true to one and the same principles of Safety.

We will take an appropriate step to serve our service contracted clients as per their terms and conditions.

Nowadays, our serving clients are insisting to serve them as per their terms and conditions. As a result, last week we gave more emphasis on this matter in our meetings. We always foresee our company's future and will give more importance on it. Whereas, when we disclosing like this way, everyone would think it negatively and will imagine for getting stability, we will focus on profit instead of providing good services. However, no one will think our capability depends on company's fundamentals, and it will only way to lead our servises for our existing clients in good manner, without let them show any complaints or distractions from our end by ploughing on their ongoing activities. 

In conclusion, we have reached on a general determination that we will categorize our active clients, especially who contracted with us for maintenance services, in a certain manner by emerging a separate force to manage and handle to meet their requirements at any time, as per their conveniences. Moreover, any services associated with documentation or any conditions on certain terms such as in payments, discounts or other related charges, we will give maximum exemptions as per the client prominence.

We Prime Phoenix emerged a special wing to manage and handle unforeseen fire emergency calls from our clients and call-outs from maintenance sites. Certainly, our force is a well eligible and experienced person to face any level of high-frequency fire catastrophe. Our comprehensive inspection, testing and programming with international standard equipment will not lead you to face any sudden or unexpected fire emergency alertness. Whereas, if it has occurred, our team will reach within an hour in hazardous locations. 

In our company, our executives, supervisors and all colleagues are being like a family and treating our customers as our guests. as a part of our work, It is very essential to keep our guest from fire threats at any time. That's why we emerged an extra wing to handle our periodical preventive maintenance sites.

We follow Dubai Civil Defense accredited authorized instructions to avoid any contradict repercussion.

As a Fire- safety company. it is essential to follow the rules and regulation of Dubai Civil Defense (DCD) to endure our company healthy without letting it to face any contradict repercussion. We Prime Phoenix Fire Fighting Installation LLC is one of the prominent fire safety companies in Dubai. To maintain our concerns regarding company policies, we believe our customer's satisfaction is the major feedback rather than receiving honours from authorities. Certainly, our company's managing directors, managers and supervisors are looking forward to meeting those criteria. Prime Phoenix Fire Fighting Installation Llc current credibility and trustworthy title sequence obtained not only the efforts of our heads but also our team's endeavour led our company to reach in that sophisticated place among other fire safety companies in Dubai.

We hold our fundamentals and policies at any criteria. To endure those essentials, we certified our organization with appropriate authorities.

We Prime Phoenix Fire Fighting Installation LLC is widely recognized ISO certified company in Quality Managment System, which categorized - ISO 9001:2015(QMS). We believe an emphasis on internal filtering will reflect our company's credibility widely. Our management took prior determinations to stabilize our company fundamentals in a good manner. 

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS) is internationally acknowledged as the world’s heading quality administration standard and has been achieved by over one million companies in over 170 nations globally. ISO 9001 performed, to its full potential, becomes an precious asset to your business.

The purpose of the standard is to support organisations in adhering statutory and regulatory elements associating to their outcome while delivering perfection in their customer assistance and performance. The standard can be used throughout an organisation to enhance the production or within a selective site, plant or division.

As a fire safety company in Dubai, we just looking forward to executing our operation team responsibilities such as the installation and supply of fire alarm system, fire fighting system, kitchen hood system, FM 200 system, fire extinguisher, sprinkler system and any kind of fire safety company related works we are maintaining our standardization and unique way of executions, which means among other fire safety companies in dubai, our authorities discriminate our company in top-level quality by examined our services in fire safety field.

In 2017, MD proclaim to establish a brand new company, where he can get an opportunity to serve people, by resisting them from not to spare their lives in high-temperature so-called Fire. As we all know, recently, there were many tragedies have been occurred related to fire accidents. As a result, we are sacrificing our human souls without taking any fundamental steps to resist fire accidents. Hence, that was the main reason to establish a social supporting company named- Prime Phoenix Fire Fighting Installation LLC, where we can gain more satisfaction than profit.

In 2018, MD's determination came into reality and it spread beyond the expectations in UAE. Particularly, the support of individuals is the ice melting thing, which he faced on the path of the fulfilment of his desire. The excellent support from the UAE government put him in to feel a spiritual experience, where he couldn't felt in other countries. Whereas, one of the spectacular thing that he got in his entire career is highly talented and responsible employees. He quoted '' even a programmed robot cannot accomplish a job accurately like my employees''. Eventually, he elaborated, to bring his company to the topmost position in UAE by breaking all records in the category of quality and safety service provider.